There's nothing more frustrating then to give everythign you have to a company, come in day in and day out, work through holidays, work overtime when asked just to be one of the first ones let go. It's depressing really, I'm at the age where most are retired but I need to work and side music gigs pay peanuts but I guess that's the reality of being a performer. I recall my Mom telling me that musicians don't get paid much and unless you make it you'll probably won't be living in a big house with a big car, how right she was. To that I would say Momma, you were right about everything, I don't have to much but I do have my music and it's everything I need especially in hard times and unfair situations like I'm in now, it helps me get through these struggles with a smile on my face and peace in my heart that while companies and people may leave me or let me down my music will never leave me or let me down.